Pregnant Iya Villania tests positive for COVID-19

Television host Iya Villania, who recently announced her pregnancy to her fourth child, tested positive for COVID-19.

On her Instagram account on Monday, she posted a photo of their situation at home.

Her children were looking at her through a glass door of her isolating room.

“Drew and I are still hanging onto that little chance that maybe the kids are spared,” Iya wrote.

“Primo gets it, Leon is okay too because he follows his kuya’s lead, but Alana?? Boy, it broke my heart to see her cry for me and not being able to console her even for a bit,” she said.

She advised parents who are going through the same ordeal not to cry.

“My tip? Try not to cry!!!! Coz the tears will only cause nasal congestion and lengthen recovery! I know, I know… ang hirap! Man, I CRIED!!! But you have to get over it as soon as you can and get in that speed car towards recovery for your family,” she said.

“Kapit guys! There’s a whole bunch of us! We can do it!”

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