LOOK: Donita Rose is now a corporate chef in the US

Actress Donita Rose reached a new milestone in her life. After migrating to the United States in August last year, she now works a corporate chef in a Filipino supermarket chain there.

In an Instagram post, Donita announced that she is now the corporate research and development chef at Island Pacific, a Filipino supermarket chain that has 14 stores in California and three in Nevada.

“It’s official! You are now looking at Island Pacific Market’s corporate R&D chef,” she said.

Donita said that they have been working to bring Filipino cuisine to the next level using the supermarket’s products.

The Island Pacific supermarket chain is owned by Nino Jefferson Lim, husband of former actress Krista Ranillo.

Another actress who’s part of the chain is G Tongi, who works as the company’s marketing and brand consultant.

Donita is a single mother and her son Joshua Paul Villarama was among the reasons why she left show business.

“I realized na priority ko talaga ang anak ko at hindi ang career,” she said in a previous interview.

She admitted last year that she was having a hard time in the Philippines in making ends meet, especially when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Although she had some projects in showbiz, this wasn’t consistent. She even came to a point of “drowning in debts and sorrows”. She clarified, though, that she has overcome that chapter in her life.

She said that her ex-husband Eric Villarama wasn’t helping her with the child support.

She described this as a “semi-retirement” to take care of her son.

Donita had sold almost all of her belongings in the Philippines.

It was in December 2016 that her divorce petition was granted and her 12 years of marriage with Eric ended.

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