Zanjoe Marudo recalls COVID-19 journey

Actor Zanjoe Marudo recently spoke about his COVID-19 journey. In a report on the Inquirer, Zanjoe said that he contracted the virus last September 2020.

“I was all by myself for 14 days. I had to isolate myself at home. I didn’t really feel anything bad physically, but mentally, I was confused. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I felt strong enough to do this or that, but I wasn’t allowed to do so,” he told Inquirer.

Zanjoe said it was possible that he got infected while at work.

The actor said that no other family member or loved one got the virus from him.

“Since I wasn’t really feeling anything bad, it was the mental struggle that got to me,” he added.

Zanjoe highlighted the importance of securing a vaccine.

“I also hope that the government will be able to provide for those who are struggling financially. While, yes, people like us will no longer line up for the vaccines so that more from the less privileged get to avail of them, we still don’t know how to get hold of them for ourselves,” he said.

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