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Kris Aquino says she will limit sons’ appearances on her social media

‘Queen of All Media’ Kris Aquino admitted that she was partly to blame for the bashing of her sons on social media.

Aquino said that she will start limiting their appearances on her online accounts.

She said that she wants to do this to give her children, Josh and Bimby, “enough privacy”.

She also took responsibility for the bashing that her sons experienced in recent weeks.

“I’m partly to blame kung nadamay man ang mga anak ko. I can never shield them fully because from the time they were born, I was already Kris but I can choose what I can show you,” she said.

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Aquino said that she will also follow what regular people are posting online.

“They post birthdays. They post trips. They post ‘pag nag-graduate ang mga anak. They post milestone moments. So that’s the decision I made, ‘yon ang ipapakita ko sa inyo,” she stated.

Aquino however clarified that she will not hide her sons but will only give them enough privacy.

“You will still see them dun sa mga events na mga regular na tao. ‘Yon ang mga nilalabas nila e so nire-review ko. They will have enough privacy but you cannot see them as often as you used to,” Aquino added.

Last month, Aquino fiercely addressed her critics and bashers in a two-part Instagram video and ending it with the lines ”tama na, sobra na, lalaban na”.

Aquino first addressed her sons and said that she will not stop in defending her sons from malicious rumors.

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“Stress happens to be the number one enemy of autoimmune. In just one week, OA sa pagka-malicious ang pag-target sa pangay at bunso ko. Inisip siguro kung mag imbento tungkol sa panganay at tawaging bakla ang bunso, titiklop na ang nanay,” she said.

Aquino also defended her younger son Bimby from gay rumors.

“Bullying a 13-year-old dahil sa tingin nila na bakla siya, utang na loob naman, this is 2021. We are living in 2021. Bimb is tall, he is good-looking, he is well educated, he is intelligent. First honor siya ‘di ba? He is articulate, respectful, hindi sya palamura and he happens to be very mature,” she added.

The Queen of All Media said that her eldest son Josh is happy with his life in their hometown in Tarlac.

“It’s simple. It’s how much I love my sons. Alam kasi ng lahat na ako lang ang mayroon sila. I am exhausted from reading comments na ‘ignore them’ or ‘choose your battles.’ Please, I ask you, I know you mean well but please do not decide for me because they are not your sons. Ako ang nanay nila. So I made my choice,” she said. (TDT)

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