‘Botched’ surgery leaves Chinese actress’ nose tip rotten

Photo credit: Gao Liu/Weibo

A Chinese newbie star experienced a nightmare after getting a nose job that left her with a rotten nose tip.

Singer and actress Gao Liu admitted in a recent Weibo post that she had gone under the knife in hopes that it could give a booster shot to her career and fame.

However, her pursuit of beauty turned quickly downhill after the supposed botched surgery.

She shared that mere four hours after the procedure, the tip of her nose turned black. And as days passed, it had rotten away.

It’s unclear though if infection happened during the surgery, but Liu said the incident had taken a toll on her mental health.

The actress was hospitalized for two months, thus explains her showbiz hiatus. She added that she is not allowed to undergo any constructive surgery for at least a year due to the extend of damage on her nose.

Currently, the clinic is facing five administrative penalties for similar complaints.

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