Manny Pacquiao draws flak for ‘little things’ photo showing luxury house with wife Jinkee

Senator and boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is at the receiving end of netizen’s criticisms over his post, appreciating little things in life and yet showing his extravagant house and his wife wearing designer-brand clothes.

On his Twitter account, Pacquiao posted, “We are forever grateful for the little things we have in life. Have a safe and blessed Sunday everyone,” in a tweet on Sunday.

Netizens replied, highlighting the word ‘little’ to describe Pacquiao’s luxurious life.

“Ang basura bihisan at balutin mo man ng ginto ay mananatiling basura. Little things my ass. They just wanna show off what they’ve got,” a netizen wrote.

Another Twitter user was dismayed over the couple’s false humility.

“Josko Lord, little things daw. Paano na lang ang mga pobre. It’s actually not humility that he’s showing – it’s plain and simple PANGHAHAMBOG!” a netizen said.

Another netizen questioned the timing of the post when thousands of FIlipinos were affected by the recent typhoons.

“Bad optics, Manny, when we have hundreds of thousands of Filipino Families who lost their homes because of the typhoons,” a netizen wrote.

Some netizens couldn’t help but notice Jinkee’s designer Gucci clothes.

“LITTLE. While Jinkee is in an outfit that costs as much as a Filipino’s salary for an entire year, no absences. And will probably be worn once for this photo, never to be seen again,” one netizen pointed out.

“Ilang nagugutom na Pilipino kaya mapapakain sa halaga ng suot ni Jinky. Sabi nga ni Pacquiao tumakbo siya para makatulong sa mahihirap,” another netizen said.

Some netizens however defended the Pacquiao couple by saying that they have been generous in helping victims of recent calamities.


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