Military official warns Liza Soberano, Catriona Gray in joining Gabriela youth group

A high-ranking official of the government’s National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) has issued a warning to actress Liza Soberano on her ties with Gabriela Youth.

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. said Soberano “is not an NPA” because she is merely advocating for women’s rights.

The military official however urged the actress to cut her ties from the left-wing group.

“Let us not red-tag Liza Soberano. It’s not fair to her. She is merely supporting advocacy for women’s rights. She has to be protected in the exercise of her rights. Is she an NPA? No, of course not. Not yet. So let’s help educate her and the other celebrity targets of Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA), the Underground Mass Organization hiding under Gabriela Women’s Party,” Parlade said,

He also told Liza about the fate of those joining the women’s group.

“Liza Soberano, there’s still a chance to abdicate that group. If you don’t, you will suffer the same fate as Josephine Anne Lapira, former Deputy Secretary General of Gabriela Youth of UP, Manila and defender of women’s rights, even against sexual predators amongst her comrades in the NPA unit she joined which is clearly stated in her handwritten letter addressed to a certain @EMIL,” Parlade claimed.

He also issued the same warning to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

“The choice is yours, Liza. And so with you, Catriona. Don’t follow the path Ka Ella Colmenares (Locsin) took in the underground and NPA Quezon. I am sure Angel Locsin and Neri Colmenares will not tell you this,” Parlade added.

Gabriela Party-list Representative Arlene Brosas hit back at the military official.

“Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade’s appeal to stop red-tagging Liza Soberano is starkly ironic because he actually red-tagged Soberano in his same statement. By saying that Soberano is ‘not yet an NPA,’ he is maliciously associating the actress with the armed movement when what she did in the youth forum was to only speak up for all the victims of gender-based violence and abuse,” she said.

Brosas accused the government of using trolls to tag Soberano in leftist activities after being vocal on some social issues.

“It is clear that Parlade, the NTF-ELCAC, and the paid trolls are the ones who are rabidly red-tagging Liza Soberano and other female celebrities and influencers who are taking a stand and speaking out against the macho-fascism under the Duterte regime. How come these macho-fascists have the audacity to mansplain strong women and lecture them on what to do? And why do they seem so afraid of women using their platform to defend other women?” she added.

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