Ethel Booba grows fruits and vegetables inside her home

Ethel Booba takes her plantita experience to the next level by growing her own fruits and vegetables in different corners of her home.

Ethel is among celebrities joining the indoor gardening bandwagon, which started during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Good morning PLANTITOS and PLANTITA,” Ethel said in one of her posts.

Netizens were surprised at Ethel’s collection, getting thousands of reactions and shares.

In one of her photos, a Malunggay tree has been spotted in one of the corners of her house.

A papaya tree has also been spotted in another photo.

A banana tree was also seen in the background. There’s also a gabi plant among her collection.

In one wide shot, Ethel showed that her living room is filled with plants and vegetables.

Apart from Ethel, celebrities Aubrey Miles, Gretchen Fulido and Jinkee Pacquiao shared their love for indoor plants.

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