Michael V says he might have gotten COVID-19 from deliveries

Comedian Michael V has shared his suspicions on where he could have contracted coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In his vlog on YouTube, he said that he went on a trip with his family to Batangas, but said that he only came into contact with three people and that those people—including his whole family—tested negative for the virus.

Michael V said that he could not have gotten the virus from that trip, leading him to suspect that he may have gotten contracted it from deliveries.

“Ang duda ko deliveries,” he said. “FYI: lahat ng deliveries na dumadating, hindi nakakapasok dito sa studio nang hindi sinasanitize.

“Pero dahil siguro sa sobrang excited ko na mabuo ‘tong studio ko, palagay ko may mga online deliveries akong nabuksan tapos deretsong ginamit ko na agad. Sa sobrang atat ko, malamang hindi ko na na-sanitize ‘yung nasa loob nung package,” he added.

He said that it is the only reason he could think of of how he could have been infected.

With this, the comedian asked everyone to double check their deliveries and sanitize everything properly before use.

“Ngayon doble na ang dinadaanan ng deliveries namin una sina-sanitize tapos iniisterilize ng UV light. Hindi lang ‘yung packaging, pati yung laman,” he said.

He added that aside from this approach, they are also now wearing face masks when opening the delivery packages, as well as washing their hands before and after touching them.

Michael V on July 20 announced that he tested positive for COVID-19, noting that he’s taking medications and is still in quarantine.

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