WATCH: Nas Daily showcases UAE’s religious tolerance in newest viral video

As the UAE allows the resumption of places of worship, internet celebrity ‘Nas Daily’ showcased the country’s commitment to culture and religious tolerance in yet another video that shows how the country is accepting all kinds of faith.

Nas Daily, who has amassed a following of over 7.5 million on Facebook alone, featured the ways the UAE shows tolerance for cultures of all kinds.
“There is a beautiful system here where Muslims and Non-Muslims can live together in harmony,” he said.
The video also underscored how the UAE has 45 Christian churches synagogues for the Jews, a Gurdwara for Sikhs, and temples for Mormons—symbolizing how so many religions live in the country together in peace.
Nas also showed the Mary mother of Jesus Mosque to show respect and pay tribute to the churches around the area.
It also outlined how supermarkets have added a new section for pork products, as well as restaurants that offer drinks to serve the needs of Non-Muslims.
Before coming to the Emirates, I wasn’t even sure they had one Church because of all the stuff we hear in the news about this part of the world.
Lastly, it also highlighted the historic visit of Pope Francis in the UAE, the very first Roman Catholic leader to visit the Arabian Peninsula.
“This is the tolerance the world needs. No religion is better than another religion. They are just different. There is still a long way to go for real tolerance, we have to work a lot more but for today, I’m happy we get along,” said the influencer.

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