Steve Dailisan opens up about his ‘pilot’ journey 

Former GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan opened up about his journey from being a broadcast journalist and becoming a pilot. 
 Steve managed to fulfill his dream last April and became a Cebu Pacific pilot with his ID spelled as ‘Steeeve’.
 On his Facebook post last Tuesday, Steve shared that his journey was not a smooth one. 
 Steve said that “passing the exam, reaching the technical interview, and eventually making it to the simulator evaluation for airline acceptance, were coupled with great levels of difficulties.”
 “During training, I have already entertained the thought of failing and giving up,” he said. “Many times, I feel I’m not at my best or wasn’t just good enough,” Steve shared
 “Each moment of defeat, I cry my heart out. I end up praying to God, asking for his mercy and compassion. When I can no longer handle the mental and emotional stress, I surrender everything to Him,” Steve added.
 The new pilot said that there were times when he asked himself if this was the path for him. 
 “Bakit ko nga kasi pinahirapan ang sarili ko when I’m well within my comfort zone as a Broadcast Journalist?” he said.
 But then he remembered that there was a desire to be an instrument to witness reunions of families separated by distance and fate.
 Steve said he was finally released to fly as First Officer on Tuesday, and that the entire experience taught him the value of hard work, focus, and determination.
 “And to you, who keeps on doubting your capabilities, BELIEVE that you are LIMITLESS. Believe that GOD is GREAT and with HIM all things are possible,” Steve said.
 “Take it from a financially challenged guy who never dreamed of flying because it’s expensive and his family can’t simply afford it. Take it from someone who, up to now, continues to work hard to realize his vision for his loved ones. YOU, TOO can MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Steve added.

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