WATCH: Ellen, Jennifer Aniston give studio audience a 6-day trip to Abu Dhabi as Christmas gift

The studio audience of The Ellen Show on December 10 was in for a surprise.

Host Ellen DeGeneres and her guest and actress Jennifer Aniston gave them a six-day trip to Abu Dhabi.

“I think we should send them some place exotic. There’s an island called Yas where you can ride the fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World. Catch a wave at Yas Water World and meet your favorite characters at Warner Brothers World,” Aniston said as she unveiled the international trip as a gift to them.

They also received other gifts from Ellen and Aniston.

The first gift they received was $500 worth of gift cards. Another gift they received a $24,000-worth of fitness equipment named ‘hydrow’. Samsonite also gave them a new luggage set worth $700.

Each year over 12 days at Christmas time, Ellen introduces the “Greatest Night of Giveaways”. She always gives gifts to her entire audience as a way of giving back to her fans.

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