KZ Tandingan’s family affected by Mindanao quake, offers help to victims

KZ Tandingan has revealed that her family was not spared by the recent strong earthquakes in Mindanao.

KZ is a local of Digos City in Davao Del Sur one of the most affected areas of the recent quakes.

“I told my father that we have to give what we can give,” she told reporters during the premiere night of her first film ‘The Art of Ligaw’.

“I was here in Manila when it happened, so I called up my friends over there and coordinated with them on how we could help. Luckily, my parents were also there,” KZ revealed.

She also saw first hand what her fellow Mindanaoans need after visiting the quake-stricken region.

“Those were more secluded areas that don’t get reached by aid. People there need shelter, rice and, most importantly, water, theirwater is the color of a chocolate drink,” the singer said.

KZ said that her pregnant sister almost lost her child after the earthquake.

“My mom, sister and brother were almost trapped inside a mall after the first earthquake. I was especially worried for my sister who’s pregnant—she almost lost the baby. And as much as we wanted to fly her to Manila, it wasn’t possible,” KZ added.

She also said that with tremors still being felt in Mindanao, KZ said that she can’t help but be anxious about her family.

“I’m nervous because these things are unpredictable. My family is away from me and I can’t do anything immediately should something happen,” she said.

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