Jobert Sucaldito to Morisette Amon: Quit working in the showbiz industry and sell ‘lechon’ instead

Producer Jobert Sucaldito can’t help but shed tears while narrating how singer Morissette Amon ‘disrespected’ him when she walked out of an event that he organized.

Amon was among the performers at Kiel Alo’s birthday concert.

Sucaldito said he can’t help but get “angry” and “hurt” about what happened.

He added that Amon should’ve been professional enough in handling the situation.

“Yung iba nga namatayan, nag-shoshow pa. Ikaw problema love life tapos hindi ka mag-shoshow? May problema ka pa sa pamilya mo. Lahat naman tayo may problema. Siya lang ba may problema?,” Sucaldito blurted out.

Amon apparently walked out of the show after she said she felt that she was “attacked by the media” in the short interview.

Sucaldito came in defense of ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual.

He emphasized that Dumuaual handled the interview well, and he wasn’t “bastos” when he asked questions about Amon’s love life.

Sucaldito advised Amon that if she can’t continue working in the industry, she should instead quit and go home to Cebu and sell lechon instead.

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