Richard Gomez pens a touching message for Juliana on her 19th birthday

Actor turned politician Richard Gomez has posted on Instagram a touching message for his daughter, Juliana, on her 9th birthday.

On Sunday, Gomez posted a candid photo of his only child and called her ‘bearer of joy’.

“My dearest Juliana, when mom and I chose your name Juliana Ma. Beatrice, it meant ‘bearer of joy,” the lengthy message begins.

“You have always been nothing short of fun all the time. Whenever you’re around I can see that you bring smile and joy to people, you crack them up. And most of the time I just shake my head in disbelief on how you bring laughter and great happiness to everyone around you,” he added.

“The laughter you blurt is so infectious you can make people roll on the floor,” Gomez’ letter read.

The actor said he couldn’t believe that Juliana is all grown up now.

“You are our biggest treasure, our pride and joy.There is nothing more precious than bringing happiness to us and to people whom you affect with optimism. Always be nice to your friends, to people and stay humble. Happy 19th birthday! Who would ever think na ang dalaga ni Goma ay nineteen years old na. OMG! I have watched and seen you grow, and you’ve grown so beautifully, my love,” Gomez ended.

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