Dayanara Torres shares her battle with cancer

Former 1993 Miss Universe Dayanara Torres shares her continuous battle with cancer together with the support of her family. 
Torres, who confirmed about being diagnosed with skin cancer in February this year, recently posted about how grateful she is that her brothers Jowie and Ricky and her sister Jinny accompanied her during her 9th treatment. 

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Bendecida Siempre ? Tratamiento #9 We are half way there… . ✨ A pesar de haber pasado unos días llenos de emociones, Cristian ✈️ NY a su Nueva Vida, Ryan cumpliendo 16 años y su 1er día de clases ? y yo recibiendo mi tratamiento #9 (justo a la mitad de mi tratamiento) Me siento FELIZ de tener a mis hermanos aguantando mi mano en èste q sabían sería uno de los más fuertes para mi. Jowie como siempre viajó desde Arizona. Ricky viajó de sorpresa desde ?? Puerto Rico!!! Y mi Sis Jinny pasando cada minuto, cada emoción que he sentido en estos días hubiera sido insoportable sin ti a mi lado. Gracias por tus consejos, por escuchar, por tus sobitos en mi espalda, y acariciarme el pelo para que me duerma… eres realmente un ángel para mi. Y mi Reina Madre, como quisiera algún día poder ser como tú, eres la madre y abuela más dada y querida del mundo! Te Amamos♥️ . ✨ y mi grandes amigos q dia a día se preocupan de mi… Gracias @realizzz por siempre preocuparte de como me siento y hacerme reír & mi @paulanthonylove Porque al tenerte mi lado me brindas tanta paz y me llenas más de Fe… . ✨Gracias a todos mis seguidores que no me sueltan ni un minuto, que me tienen en sus pensamientos y en sus oraciones… ?? Que honor es contar con su amor y apoyo… LQM ? . #Bendecida #Amada #Guerrera #Familia #Family #Pamilya #CancerSucks #Cancer #Melanoma #?? #iGotThis #Phoenix #AveFenix #BeBrave ? @coolibar

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In the short clip, it showed the family wearing all white shirts with a black ribbon printed on it that represents Melanoma. 
Her mother also accompanied the Puerto Rican actress since the start of her treatment. 
Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is potentially aggressive and life-threatening. 
In her Instagram post last February 5, Torres shared that she had undergone a biopsy and second surgery but still results turned out positive. 

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Soy #Guerrera As mothers we are always taking care of everyone around us… our kids, family, friends & often we forget to take care of ourselves. ? Today I have some sad news… I have been diagnosed with skin cancer "melanoma" from a big spot/mole I never paid attention to, even though it was new, it had been growing for years & had an uneven surface. ? My fiancé Louis had been begging me to have it checked & finally made an appointment himself… after a biopsy & a second surgery last Tuesday the results unfortunately are positive. Now we are waiting to see which treatment I will be receiving but they have already removed a big area from the back of my knee & also they have removed 2 lymph nodes at the top of my leg where it had already spread. Hoping it has not spread to any more areas or organs. ?? ? I have put everything in God's hands & I know he has all control… My sons although a bit scared know about my faith and know they have a warrior of a mommy! ? But if I can help anyone along the way based on my experience, it would be to tell you… PLEASE, never forget to take care of yourself. If you see something or feel something different in your body have it checked… I had no idea skin cancer could spread anywhere else in your body. . #Guerrera #iHaveFaith #TrustGod "God doesn't give the hardest battles to his tougher soldier, he creates the toughest soldiers through Life's hardest battles". TODAY is #WorldCancerDay #RaisingAwareness

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Since then, Torres using her Instagram account has been actively informing and advocating for people to know about this type of skin cancer that she has. 


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