Julia’s grandma to basher: Lumabas ka at harapin mo ako

The Barretto matriarch, Inday, will not take a sitting down in the harsh words thrown online at her granddaughter Julia.

The actress is being linked to a rumored love affair with actor Gerald Anderson, who broke up with actress Bea Alonzo.

Inday released her wrath to bashers through her comments on the Instagram account of ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual.

“Hindi ako tumanda para lang maupo at pakinggan ang mga attack ng mga masasamang maligno kagaya mo. Lumabas ka at harapin mo ako harap-harapan. Tingnan natin kung kaya mo mang-bully,” Inday replied to one netizen.

“The members of my family, thanks to God, are beautiful, well-bred, well-groomed, intelligent and articulate do you honestly think they even have to flirt pa?” Inday added.

She also challenged netizens to back up their claims with solid evidence to prove that Julia has something to do with the Bea-Gerald split.

Julia and Gerald have yet to directly address the issue. Bea, on the other hand, said that the actor just started not talking to her which netizens described as ‘ghosting’.

Julia’s mother, Marjorie, has consistently defended her against bashers and those whom she accused of sharing malicious photos.

However Gretchen and Claudine, Julia’s aunts, have shown their support to Bea and even sent her flowers to comfort the actress.

Inday clarified in one of the comments that she has no bad blood towards Bea.

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