Pinay singer channels KZ in X Factor Romania

A Filipina singer’s jaw-dropping rendition of the song “Rolling in the Deep” has captured the hearts of X Factor Romania judges, giving her a spot in the 4 Chair Challenge.

Bella Santiago, 28, channeled her inner KZ Tandingan as she did the rap part incorporated by KZ in the song.

Tandingan, who was astounded by the singers performance, posted on social media: “Overwhelmed. Happy because she appreciates me.”

Elated with Tandingan’s praises, Santiago reposted it, saying: “Wow! One of my favorite Philippine Singer just appreciate how I sang her version of Rolling In the Deep!! I love you KZ tandingan!❤”

Meanwhile, the adult group’s mentor also expressed pride in Santiago’s performance. “You are a complex artist with a very good energy. I have the feeling that I can win X Factor with you!” Delia said.

The Filipina admitted her wanting to see her daughter back home and give her a good life. “My childhood is very ‘trist’. And I’m very thankful because God gave me my voice to use. I want my daughter to have a better life.”

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