LOOK: Aubrey Miles does push-ups in unique maternity photoshoot

Celebrity and fitness trainer Aubrey Miles showed off her baby bump in a unique maternity photoshoot.

The actress posted on her Instagram a series of maternity photos, where she posed alongside gym-inspired elements—staying true to her love for fitness and exercise.

“Fitness never stops even when I’m pregnant,” she said on the platform. One photo depicts her doing a push-up, even while six months pregnant.

Aubrey also announced that this is her last pregnancy with husband Troy Montero, and is expecting their second child in December.

“I’m so excited to meet this little person who is half me and half the one I love. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. Imagine having little you beside you,” she stated.

The actress recently said she has gained more weight since getting pregnant. “Healthy gaining is advisable especially for the baby,” she added.

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It’s only tuesday and I’m posting another maternity photo. I got a lot of questions How do I maintain being fit or not gain weight. First, I definitely gained weight??. I have 2 more months so still gaining. That’s a good thing when you’re pregnant. Healthy gaining is advisable especially for the baby. Everything that you’ll read here is not an Obligation for me to stay healthy. I really ENJOY every bit of it. Here are my DO’s and DONT’s. 1. I sleep EARLY 2. I WAKE up early 3. I DON’T drink any artificial (pack) drink 4. I only drink WATER, Ever since. 5. I don’t eat white rice, Only BROWN. 6. I hardly eat chips, More FRUITS 7. If I crave for sweets I get GUYABANO or Fuji APPLES. 8. If I crave for salty, I go for PLAIN popcorn 9. I love anything steamed. FISH and VEGGIES. I stopped eating PORK for 6years now. I never use Sawsawan. 10. I try to workout ATLEAST 3x a week. 11. NO caffeine, oh well recently I started my DECAF cappuccino 12. I always have my COCOA butter lotion beside my bed table for stretch marks prevention. 13. Always carry a WATER tumbler with me 14. I use all HERBAL, PARABEN free shampoo and conditioner 15. NO RAW food until I give birth. 16. I drink my COMPLETE prenatal supplements. 17. I always carry my prenatal ORGANIC gummies just incase it’s traffic and I feel like throwing up. 18. I try NOT to eat out or stay out long coz I tend to get hungrier and end up eating junk so I go home as soon as I’m done with my errands. 19. I listen to MUSIC and READ books more than I watch tv 20. I like to eat and stay at HOME to keep everything safe for me and my baby. All this applies to me, doesn’t mean you have to do it. I’m Just sharing my ways If you’d like to know. My first 2 pregnancies were very different, everything changed and everything got better. Do Whatever WORKS for you. We all have one goal. A HEALTHY Baby. #amilesphatpregnant #3rdtrimester #pregnancy #pregnancyzone #fitpregnancy

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