Kris Aquino files theft complaints in 7 cities

The Queen Of All Media Kris Aquino filed an official complaint to her “financial abuser” whose identity still remains a mystery.

Aquino said in a now-deleted Instagram post that she has formalized her complaints against a business partner who siphoned off money from her businesses before the Quezon City Office of the Prosecutor on Friday morning.

Her legal team, headed by Atty. Sigfrid Fortun, filed the same complaint in six other cities on her behalf, including San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, Taguig, and Manila.

It can be recalled that Aquino previously said in an Instagram post dated September 22 that she has experienced “financial abuse and betrayal” from the person who used to take charge of her company and deal with her endorsements.

Several reports said that the betrayal of the Aquino’s business partner will mostly affect her non-showbiz related business ventures, namely 14 branches of Nacho Bimby + Potato Corner and Thai beauty brand Snail White.

The main reason why she is facing such a problem is due to her business partner’s “careless disregard for [her] existing endorsement contracts, [and] total lack of disrespect”.

Her other businesses, such as her fast-food franchises and her production company, KCAP, were fortunately spared from the problem.

Aquino said that she was fortunate to have learned “the extent [she has] been taken advantage of early enough after 16 months, before more damage could have been done to KCAP’s finances and tax compliance, and the trusted reputation [she has] worked so hard to establish in the Philippine and Asia-Pacific business communities.”

She no longer emphasized on the problem but said that she will let her attorneys, Atty. Sig Fortun and former Solicitor General Atty. Florin Hilbay, settle the problem and hope that justice will prevail.

“I continue to have faith that the Philippines’ justice system will uphold the law with impartiality & fairness. My legal teams had met with his representatives in an attempt to settle amicably, but in straight forward language — cumare bears sila,” she said.

“My family had advocated for peace but the other party failed to even meet us halfway and instead chose to spread malicious lies and falsehoods,” she added.

Aquino filed the complaints only days after she got back to Manila from her medical checkup in Singapore after she lost a lot of weight due to stress, lack of appetite, and sleep deprivation.


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