Gabbi Garcia pays tribute to her flight attendant mom

Kapuso actress Gabbi Garcia took to social media to pay tribute and show some appreciation to her mother, Tes Lopez, who works as a Philippine Airlines flight attendant.

Garcia posted on her Twitter account a video of her boarding a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii wherein her mother was one of the cabin crew members.

“So my mom is part of the cabin crew for today’s flight and I’m her passenger,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

When she arrived in Hawaii, Garcia posted another photo on Instagram to express her admiration towards her mother.

Garcia said that she see her mother as a role model because she has mastered how to balance her professional and personal life.

“My mom’s been a flight attendant for 24 years. And I’ve always looked up to her. Her job was never an issue when it comes to our family time. I don’t know how she does it, but she manages to balance everything,” she said.

Garcia also wrote that her mother never disappointed her despite her work that demands her to travel long distances.

“Despite her going to places miles away from home, or her messed up body clock, she never missed one special occasion in my life. So to all the FAs out there, hands down to you guys,” she said.

She also encouraged all passengers to show some kindness towards flight attendants as their work is far from easy.

“If you’re a passenger, please be kind to your FAs, actually to everybody on board. Hindi biro ang trabaho nila,” she said.


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