Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles bare it all on Instagram

Celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero created a buzz online this week after posting bare-skinned photos during their vacation in Batangas.

The couple went to The Farm at San Benito to celebrate Aubrey’s birthday by spending quality time together in their private pool and villa.

“Taking my birthday girl to The Farm for a few days of yoga, massage treatments, organic farm-to-table foods and of course some relaxing time in the water,” Troy posted on Instagram.

Happy New year everyone??

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But things escalated quickly when the two posted a series of nude photos as they sunbathe, and swim in the pool.

Troy’s brother reacts

Many netizens got surprised with the couple’s daring photos recognizing them for their confidence and perfectly toned bodies. But it was TV host KC Montero, Troy’s brother who had the funniest reaction of them all.

KC posted edited versions of the photos which included an animated dragon which exhaled fire to Troy and Aubrey.

“When you want your brother to stop posting all these uncalled for naked photos,” he captioned the first video, using the hashtags #SanitizeThePoolAndChairs, #TamaNa, and #TroyAndAubreyNeedAdultSupervision.

“Round 2: When you don’t understand why your brother and his girlfriend are posting naked photos. #SeriouslyTamaNa #TheFarmIsNotANudistCamp #TheyNeedToStop,” he wrote on his second post.

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