How they will be celebrating

“I’d love to celebrate it with my husband and daughter either thru a hotel escapade or just dinner together in a restaurant, or in any way where we could spend time together.”

Melyn Albarracin, accounts executive

“It’s a work day so I will probably just make dinner for my family and watch TV. I also expect a card and a small gift from my husband and daughter.”

Zeena Zalamea, broadcast journalist

“I’ll surprise her with a bouquet of flowers and let her go out to dine with my sisters, nephews and niece. Since my father died when we were just so young, I saw the hardship that she went through in raising us up. She’s my role model and my hero.”

Bernard Ngo, fashion designer

“I will surprise her with a cake and flowers with a sweet note. I will make sure that I will Skype with her too.”

Joanne Nunez, medical claims processor

“I will Skype with my mom, and book a massage for two with my loving wife.”

Ben Carino, executive director

“I usually give my mother something special during Mother’s Day; a handmade card when I was a kid, a jewelry when I started working in Dubai. Since I won’t be home on Mother’s Day this year, we will simply celebrate the occasion through a video chat.

Lady Anne Bitamor Abit, blogger

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