Is the Megastar coming back to the Philippines anytime soon?

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Even the brightest “Megastar” needs a break from exhaustion.

Filipino netizens expressed alarm over Sharon Cuneta’s solo vacation in the U.S., fearing that the singer-actress will end his showbiz career in the Philippines.

In a Facebook post last May 8, The Voice coach said, “Sometimes, the girl is away, and just does not want to go back home anymore.”

On Wednesday morning, Cuneta also posted a statement photo that reads “Life begins at the end of the comfort zone” with the caption “Was supposed to go home today. But nope. Am not. God bless you all!”

The controversial status follows Cuneta’s post on Instagram last May 3 where she said that she will go to the U.S. alone to “collect herself and regroup once again.”
“Being away from everything mundane and familiar provides a different, fresh perspective,” she added.

ABS-CBN’s Bandila previously reported that Cuneta wants to take a break from work to “recharge and recover” after the death of Willy Cruz, who was vital for the Megastar’s success in the music industry.

In a report by the Inquirer’s Bandera, a source familiar to the topic said the Mega’s solo vacation was something new. “It’s not her. There must be a deep reason why she left alone.”
Bandera noted Cuneta’s daughters never missed her overseas trips, be it for work or personal.

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