Kris Aquino, according to her high school class

Kris Aquino seems to have made true the saying “what you see is what you get,” way back in her high school days. A photo of her high school yearbook is making rounds online, posted by a certain Gabriel Andres on his Twitter account.

Kris graduated high school at the Colegio de San Agustin in Makati. In the yearbook write up, Kris was described by her batchmates as “Miss Showbiz.” “Ask (her) any chismis, she’ll know it,” they wrote. No wonder she went on to become one of the sought-after talk show hosts.

The Queen of All Media’s “beauty secret” was also revealed, as she allegedly “splashes her face 100x a day.” Her class also seemed to notice also how “fashion conscious” she is with her “different watch every day.”

She also “takes a bath with her cologne, (and) will die without her hair-spray and her brush.” Despite all, her class admires her as a friend “who will always be there for her friends.”

“Get to know her, to love her,” they said. Kris and her kids are now back in Manila, after a short vacation in the US. Reports said she’s now in discussion with ABS-CBN as to which projects she’ll do next

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