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Filipina finds in UAE her dream job not existing elsewhere

The UAE has provided a great avenue for a young Filipina to shine in her creative endeavors.

Krishna dela Paz, Visual Marketing Manager of Emirates Literature Foundation, was able to contribute creatively and strategically to the overall marketing of the award-winning Emirates Airline Festival of Literature for the past six years.

She also leads and oversees the design direction of multiple projects and initiatives, including the Global Association of Literary Festivals and the recently launched Kateb Maktub initiatives, which aims to bring Arab authors and literature to a global audience.

“I came to the UAE after having many interviews in Manila for jobs that were great on paper but didn’t offer me the creative outlet that I needed. I remember walking into several interviews in Manila and being told that the job I’m looking for doesn’t exist. I was close to giving up on my dream job when my aunt in Dubai suggested I apply for the marketing coordinator role at the Emirates LitFest. I got really excited about the job, as well as the possibility of working at an international literature festival in Dubai,” she said.

Now, it has been six years and Dela Paz is grateful for the opportunities she has been given, noting that she is living her dream, not only doing what she loves but also making an impact by promoting the love of reading and stories in the Arab region.

She shares that while she had her fair share of challenges, she learned through the years that it’s important to have someone you can confide your problems to – for them to give another perspective to a probable solution you might be looking for.

“Over the years, I learned that it’s wise to seek counsel rather than make rash emotional decisions on my own. Doing so can save me from making knee-jerk reactions that can lead to unnecessary trouble and drama,” said dela Paz.

Dela Paz also said that the COVID-19 pandemic made her realize that over the career and the joys of earning money, it’s your interaction with your loved ones and God that matter at the end of the day: “Prior to the pandemic, I was so focused on being a career woman — always after my next big achievement, a new project or an online course. When the world suddenly shut down due to COVID-19, I realised what’s truly important in life: my relationships and my God-given purpose. When everything comes crashing down, these two are worth living and fighting for.”

“I am so grateful for the UAE for providing opportunities for everyone to flourish and make use of their skills. There is a thriving art and culture scene, as well as a multicultural community of marketing and creative professionals. I believe that women are nurturing and supportive. Whatever is given to us, we help develop, grow and multiply. It is just innate in us. I would encourage my fellow Filipinas to read. Reading enriches us in so many ways — our vocabulary, our knowledge, and empathy. It not only helps us succeed individually, but also as a society.,” she said.

Jamille Domingo-Marasigan

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