Boeing 737 carrying 189 passengers, crew crashes into the sea off Jakarta

Lion Air Flight JT 610 bound for Pangkal Pinang from the Indonesian capital Jakarta crashed into the sea minutes after it took off with 189 people on board.

The Boeing 737 passenger plane lost contact with the ground control and it was last tracked crossing the sea.

The plane flew from Jakarta at 06:20 AM local time on Monday and was set to land at Depati Amir airport in Pangkal Pinang after an hour.

However, authorities lost contact with the plane, which was carrying 178 adults, one infant, and two babies, as well as two pilots and five cabin crew, 13 minutes into the flight.

As of press time, it is still unclear if there are any survivors.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, head of Indonesia’s disaster agency, took to Twitter to post photos of personal belongings of the passengers and other debris of the plane that they were able to recover from the sea.

He also posted a video which was taken from the waters of Karawang showing floating plane debris and oil slick.

A spokesman from the Search and Rescue Agency said that the plane crashed into the water about 30 to 40m deep and that they are still searching for the remains of it.

Lion Air Group’s Chief Executive Edward Sirait also said that they cannot release a statement regarding the incident yet since they are still collecting information and data about it.

Lion Air is Indonesia’s youngest yet one of the biggest airlines in the country with dozens of local and international flight destinations.

In 2013, one of its aircraft has already been involved in an accident with one of its Boeing 737-800 jets missing the runway while landing on the resort island of Bali. It crashed into the sea but its 108 passengers were unharmed.

Crashed plane had technical issue on prior flight, says Lion Air president

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An Indonesian Lion Air plane that crashed into the sea on Monday, October 25, had a technical issue on a previous flight, said Lion Air’s president.


Soon-to-be married couple included in Indonesia plane crash

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With a new and bright life ahead of them, a soon-to-be-married couple was supposed to live happily ever after until the bride and groom to-be encountered a tragic occurrence no one saw coming.


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