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DUBAI: The “2nd The Filipino Times Awards” is now open for nominations to honor Overseas Filipinos who have made significant strides to achieve world-class status. “It has always been our ardent desire to recognize the pivotal role of Overseas Filipinos in our society.

We believe that their valuable contribution to the betterment of society must be given recognition, ” said Karen Remo, TFT editor-in-chief. Remo adds: “A year after we launched the inaugural awards, several other Overseas Filipinos have started putting their best foot forward, doing their own contribution to the community, the UAE and the world,” she added.

One of the newest commendations this year is the “TFT Global Excellence Award.” It is a coveted title that will be given to five winners.

Nominees may come from anywhere in the world. The nominees will be judged according to their leadership, professional success, community service, values and work management, creativity and eye for innovation.

Meanwhile, this year’s TFT Awards will have 18 individual and 14 brand categories. Three group awardees will be added to the list this year. Last year, some 200 nominations were received from some 30 categories.
The winners were selected based on their exemplary performance in carrying out their professional responsibilities while fulfilling civic duties.

The winners were chosen through elimination by a seven member panel of judges. The second The Filipino Times Awards will be held on Aug. 20, 2016 at Asiana Hotel’s Boracay Club.

The-Filipino-Times_TFT Awards 2015 Winners

Individual Categories
• Architect of the Year
• Artist of the Year
• Educator of the Year
• Entrepreneur of the Year
• Engineer of the Year
• Entertainer of the Year
• Fashion Designer of the Year
• Most Promising Fashion Designer of the Year
• Film Maker of the Year
• Healthcare Professional of the Year
• Hospitality Professional of the Year
• Media Personality of the Year
• Photographer of the Year
• Sports Personality of the Year
• Young Achiever of the Year
• Rizal Award
• Lifetime Achievement Award
• TFT Global Excellence Awards

Group Categories
• Community Project of the Year
• Best Marketing Campaign of the Year
• TFT Innovation Awards

Brands Categories

• Preferred Fast Food of the Year
• Preferred Casual Dining of the Year
• Preferred Car Brand of the Year
• Preferred Sports Brand of the Year
• Preferred Sports Retail Shop of the Year
• Preferred Freight Forwarding Company of the Year
• Preferred Bank of the Year
• Preferred Telecom Company of the Year
• Preferred Night Club of the Year
• Preferred Electronics Outlet of the Year
• Preferred Shopping Mall of the Year
• Preferred Make up Brand of the Year
• Preferred Airline of the Year
• Preferred Coffee Shop of the Year

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