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Senior Supervisor – CAD Draft Designer/BIM Manager

Feb 27, 2020, 06:13:35

Job Description
Principal Objective: A brief summary of the responsibilities of the position.

To ensure accurately and completely that the use of CADD to provide drafting and design support to the Royal Commission program is undertaken with an emphasis on the uniformity (standards) and quality of work.

Organizational Relationship: A brief synopsis of reporting relationships i.e., reports to, supports section, group, etc.; interfaces with senior management, clients, etc.

Supervisor of the CAD Drafting, Engineering Department. Reports to the Design Unit Supervisor. Interfaces with Section Supervisors of other sections and other departments of The Royal Commission.

Major Activities Performed: List the major job function(s) of the position.

Supervise Drafting CADD work of in-house design works, RFP Packages projects, project presentations, special projects and drawing solutions to project construction problems, issuance of drawing addendums, change orders and final reference As-Built drawings to contractors when required.

Overall administration of CADD staff, Electronic files back-ups, archives, it’s security and issuance of electronic files (DWF & PDF) to various requestors.

Generate work plan and schedules for the CADD staff, liaise with Design Unit Supervisor on job planning and controls for progress reporting, interfaces with other departments where work requires.

Assist with the technical appraisal of A/E contractor design drawings, specifications and contractors work submittals.

Perform field inspection and provisions of Technical support as necessary during conceptual or construction phases, submit drawings and reports for evaluation.

Multi-discipline experience & able to Perform CADD work using CAD Intergraph Micro station / AutoCAD program from sketches, outline drawings and details, piping & Instrumentation diagram and calculations provided by architects and engineers of all disciplines.

Plans drawing layout, scales and drawing index for each project. Checks drawing quality and completeness base on Royal Commission CAD standards.

Perform changes to conceptual/construction drawings as required by Engineering Work Request (EWR) using CADD performs other tasks aside from CADD where required.

Performs dimensional calculations, Plotting and printing of conceptual/contract drawings for issuance for Bids or Construction.

Checks final drawings prepared by staff and others for completeness and quality before final submission.

Responsible for maintenance of A/E Electronic files submittals for each design task orders including drawing documents and issued CD’s of files to various engineering personnel for their referencing, review works or design woks adaptations.

Responsible for the maintenance, updating and issuance of the RC Standard drawings for all engineering discipline including the strict safeguarding of the standard drawings electronic files.

Participate in preparation & Execution of Annual Plan on Design Unit


Experience and Qualifications: List the background experience required for the position, number of years experience, in what fields. Describe the desirable academic background.

A Degree in Engineering or any related field from a recognized or college.

A technical drafting course providing both CADD and manual training related to the field.

Experience of (10) years of design and drafting by using CADD Intergraph Micro Station / AutoCAD with experience to design/draft for multi engineering disciplines.

A minimum of four (4) years of experience in responsible charge of a design/CADD group leading, and ability to work with minimal supervision and develop original ideas.

Experience on ( 3D ) design/drafting with ability to using related software such as: 3D max , Photoshop, ….etc.

The ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English is essential and the ability to liaise with different engineering section managers and supervisors on job planning and control for progress reporting on every project drawing aspect.

A high standard of draftsmanship and engineering know-how and general knowledge of CADD standards such as ( National Code ) and procedures including Engineering General Design Criteria and Technical Guidelines and Standard Design drawings.

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