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Medical Cleaner

Aug 20, 2014, 12:13:50


A prestigious and well reputed Medical Center in Al Ain is looking for Cleaner

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Man in court for suspected money laundering

An African man is on trial in Ras Al Khaimah after he was found to have deposited more than Dh696,000 in his bank account in just five days although his monthly wages is around Dh5,000. Police arrested the man after the bank’s management informed the central bank,...

WATCH: Driver hit by car while charging fuel

A man escaped death after he was hit by a speeding car while he was fuelling his vehicle at a petrol station in Saudi Arabia. A video published in local newspapers showed the man was standing next to his car at the station in the central Qasseem province when a...

Drug dealer sentenced to 10 year jailtime

A court in Dubai sentenced an American woman to 10 years in prison after she was caught trying to smuggle nearly 1.9 kg of cocaine into the country. Customs authorities at Dubai’s airport decided to search the woman’s bags after they were tipped off that the woman was...

Widow pardons husband’s killer for blood money

An Asian woman pardoned the killer of her husband in a court in Sharjah and asked for blood money in line with Islamic law. The killer has been on trial on charges of stabbing his friend to death while under the influence of alcohol. RELATED STORY: Motorist to pay...

Siblings found guilty of stealing from their sister-in-law in UAE

The Ajman Criminal Court has charged two Arab siblings for stealing from their sister-in-law in. The suspects allegedly entered the house of their brother’s family and stole a number of items. The victim has already been separated from her husband, and discovered that...


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75 earthquakes recorded in Batangas

75 earthquakes recorded in Batangas

The Philippine Seismic Network has recorded 75 earthquakes as of 5 a.m. of January 13, 2020. Such intense seismic activity according to PHIVOLCS means that continues magmatic intrusion is present beneath the volcano’s edifice which may lead to further eruptions. At...

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