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Job Openings in Definite Consultant

Oct 15, 2018, 09:55:32

Software Engineer Software Programmer computer software programmer (UAE)
Telecommunications Network Installation Network Server (UAE)
Purchasing Manager Purchase Officer Purchase Engineer Purchase Head (UAE)
Architectural Engineer Chief Architect Land Procurement Life Science (UAE)
Guest House Manager Guest Relation Hotel Management Hospitality Hotels (UAE)
Information Systems System Audit System Consultant Information Technology (UAE)
Event Coordinator Social Media Event Planning Exhibition Designer Conferences (UAE)
Software Engineer Software Developer Software Tester Software Development Teleco (UAE)
Drivers Carpenter Maintenance Material Metal Process Plumber stair builder Plant (UAE)
Operations Manager Administrative Manager Support Records Management Clerical (UAE)
Computer network technicians (UAE)
Financial Auditor (UAE)
Information Systems Software Development Manager Database Administrator Computer (UAE)
Aviation Engineer Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft Analysis Aircraft Management (UAE)
Trade Management Bakery Manager Automobile Service Customer service (UAE)
Courier Mail Box Management Messenger Production Control Plan Plant Supervision (UAE)
Business Services Contact Center Customs Officer Payroll Accountant (UAE)
Customer Service Manager Customer Service Customer Service Executive (UAE)
bank Credit Credit Control Credit Risk Banking Operations (UAE)
Mechanical Engineer Plant Maintenance Mechanical Design Engineer Plant Maintenan (UAE)
Sports Fitness Manager Sports Teacher Recreation Service (UAE)
Supply Chain Supply Chain Analytics Supply Chain Management Supervisor Logistics (UAE)
Health Care Health Care Services Health Insurance Health Administration (UAE)
Web Development Web Programmer Web Server Web Designer Web Services (UAE)
Human Resource Human Resource Management Human Resource Admin (UAE)
Network Engineer Network Administrator Networking Manager Network Admin (UAE)
Graphic Designer Graphics Graphics Graphic & Web Designer Graphic Designer (UAE)
Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities (UAE)
Petroleum engineers (UAE)
Corporate Sale Marketing Head Marketing Sales Marketing Head Manager Sales Sales (UAE)
Telecommunication technical service manager Networking Manager Network Planning (UAE)
Motion Picture / Film Camera Assistant stagehand Broadcasting Motion Picture (UAE)
Motion Picture / Film Camera Assistant stagehand Broadcasting Motion Picture (UAE)
System Security System Administrator System Audit System Engineer System Analyst (UAE)

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The Pope: Up Close & Personal in UAE

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UAE remains among top sources of OFW remittances in 2018

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UAE Churches begin registration process for Papal Mass attendance

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