Thursday, August 22, 2019

Finance Manager

Apr 21, 2019, 10:33:37

Salary AED.180,000/- to AED.200,000/- Yearly.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

– Implement, monitor and review Finance & Accounting policies and procedures.

– Establish and maintain relationships with individual or business customers or provide assistance with problems these customers may encounter.

– Maintains enough controls on margins to get acceptable profitability from opportunities and projects.

– Prepare operational or risk reports for management analysis.

– Evaluate data pertaining to costs to plan budgets.

– Manage and control accounts receivables and payables to improve overall department efficiency.

– Produce periodical financial reports in line with international financial standards.

– Execute month-end and year-end closing activities as per policies and procedures.

– Produce monthly management accounts detailing Revenues, Cash flow, etc.

– Control expenditure and facilitate operations of the organization to achieve desired financial performance.

– Implement requirements of Government Regulatory Authorities, Financial Institutions, and Auditors.

– Develop and maintain effective business relationships with all relevant external/internal entities.

For more info, visit or contact: [email protected]

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