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Communications Engineer

Feb 27, 2020, 06:12:11

Job Description

If you have suggestions that you think would be helpful and could improve your work experience, we’re open to hearing them. Many of the most practical and creative improvements have come from people who are the most closely involved day-to-day in the task. We appreciate our diverse staff for the skills and unique perspectives they contribute to decisions. In our inclusive environment, everyone’s voice is heard, everyone is welcomed and respected, and everyone enjoys opportunities for advancement.



– BA/BS and 10+ of experience in the respective technical/professional discipline being performed.
– Experience in defense work environment and on defense systems preferred
– Shall have comprehensive knowledge of communications engineering principles, policies and practices; experience in fielding and managing communications systems, documentation and maintenance of large real-time air defense systems; and, familiarity with current defense systems
– Shall perform work that applies a broad theoretical and practical knowledge in the communications field to include, but not limited to, the following:Advising and assisting the customer in all aspects of communications engineering
– Performing analyses and studying existing IT, Telecon, and C4I systems and operations to identify new systems or system upgrades
– Suggesting improvements to systems and maintenance procedures
– Leading technical teams for improving and upgrading systems
– Lead/guide project management teams through various IT and /or Telecom project implementations
– Managing modifications from early stages of implementation to completion
– Attend meetings and conferences and prepare/present briefings as required
– Design and development of training material and conduct of training
– Performing intermediate level maintenance as required
– Provide support and advice on manning requirements for the system and maintenance functions, as required
– Initiating, coordinating, reviewing, and participating in a wide variety of IT, Telecon, and C4I technical, operational, and training related initiatives/activities for improving the C4I environment
– Analysis of communication terminals, satellite relays, internet and broadband technologies and wireless communication networks and oversee development, integration and fielding of communications equipment
– Support of microwave radio communications and other modern methods of communication, including satellite and fiber optics
– Support of ground radios (HF, VHF, UHF, line-of-sight) and associated multiplexing and terminal equipment
– Support of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) including Uplink, downlink, RF, DAMA, NCS, Multiplex, Modems, Antenna Tracking system, and other equipment
– Developing, proposing or reviewing System Architecture/Design for IT, Telecon and/or C4I Systems/Equipment so that there is an optimum fit with the existing defense C4I Systems
– Performing analyses to determine measures for successful C4I operations
– Coordinate closely with C4I program sites on all aspects of site engineering/maintenance

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